Mobile marketing within fashion industry is trending high to reach wider audiences. In 2017, the number of smartphone users in the United States were an estimated 224.3 million, with the number of smartphone users worldwide forecasted to exceed 2 billion users. And in a technology conscious market, fashion brands and products need to adapt to the latest medium of communication to reach and retain their consumers. While there are a number of good fashion retail applications, my strategy behind the Impeccable brand and application was to make the user's shopping experience luxurious, personal, quicker and secure.


For this project, we initially conducted quick and open ended (unstructured) interviews to find out the current problems that the users often face with emphasis on shopping experience, we conducted several semi-structured interviews to better understand the users needs. Short, open ended interview - this helped us to explore different problems that the users find whhile shopping online. We eventually narrowed down on designing a solution for a better shopping experience. Semi-structured interview - once we defined the problem areas, we wanted to confirm that the issue persists with our users. Semi structured interview was a great way to gather detailed feedback and responses on their experience. We aimed to discover the current problems and hardships in addition to positive or surprising experiences. Contextual inquiry - Following the semi-structured interviews, we thought it was necessary to do some contextual inquiries so that we could witness their behaviors and processes at the store. So, we recruited several people for the study and shadowed them along while they carried out their goals and during that, we asked them to do a think-aloud (ex. of what they are trying to accomplish and why they are going in such routes and etc). While the parcticipants used an existing app, we took notes and videos for reference. After they were done with everything, we asked them some follow-up questions for more insight on their specific actions and emotions.


User Flow